Estate Planning

Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A. assists clients throughout Minnesota by providing effective and affordable estate planning solutions. Though our main office is located in Northfield, we are proud to offer our services to clients all over Minnesota with our offices in Kenyon and Wanamingo.

We know how hard estate planning can be so we are here to help you every step of the way. To do this, we approach every estate plan as if it were for our own family.  Estate planning is not just providing documents like a will or trust, it is a service in which our knowledgeable attorneys work with you to discuss the various options to arrive at the one best suited for you and your family.

Is estate planning right for you?

When people think about estate planning, they usually think about people who are approaching retirement. However, it is never too early to get started with some basics like health care directives and powers of attorney.

We have successfully helped many people from all walks of life as they prepare for their future, including the following:

  • Single people who want to be prepared in case of a disability
  • Newly married couples with limited assets
  • New parents who want their children to be taken care of if something happens to them
  • Empty nesters approaching retirement and don’t feel ready
  • Farmers looking at succession planning to transfer land and farming operations to the next generation
  • Business owners looking at succession planning to exit management of operations and create a financial structure to fund retirement
  • And anyone in between

We also help people from all stages of financial means, including:

  • Those just starting out (and trying to save for the future)
  • Those who are struggling to control their finances
  • Those who have worked hard and have acquired great wealth
  • And anyone in between

Do I really need a lawyer for estate planning?

Though many people want to plan for their future on their own or simply buy documents from a website, it can be a big mistake. Estate planning is not just providing documents like a will or trust, it is a service in which our knowledgeable attorneys work with you to discuss the various options to arrive at the one best suited for you and your family.  Here are some reasons why you need a lawyer when it comes to your future.

  • Save you time and money. Trying to do this on your own can take you a lot of time and money. Lawyers usually charge a flat rate to do some of the simpler tasks.
  • More objective. Planning for your future can be overwhelming, especially if your emotions get in the way. You may need a calm voice that helps you through this difficult time.
  • Avoids mistakes.  Know and understand legal issues about estate planning
  • Plenty of experience, no matter what your situation is
  • Help you come up with the best plan for you and your family
  • Advise you on what documents you need
  • Create documents that successfully fulfill your wishes
  • Once you are gone, your lawyer will make sure that your wishes are being followed.

What can you expect to discuss with our lawyers?

Our estate planning lawyers will be able to sit down with you and discuss the following:

  • Ways of reducing or eliminating estate taxes
  • Options to avoid probate reducing time and cost
  • Asset preservation for family members
  • Ways of ensuring support for your dependents
  • Exercising control over your financial and healthcare decisions
  • And much more

What estate planning matters can we help you with?

Our legal professionals can help you with a wide range of estate planning matters such as:

  • Drafting simple wills
  • Drafting wills with trusts for minors (testamentary trusts)
  • Creating revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Addressing estate and gift tax issues
  • Preparing health care directives
  • Establishing financial durable powers of attorney
  • Petitioning for guardianships and conservatorships
  • Discussion and advice on non-probate transfers such as payable on death beneficiary accounts, transfer on death beneficiary account, & joint owners
  • Preparing life estate deeds and transfer on death deeds
  • Advise on medical assistance eligibility and structure a plan to preserve eligibility while protecting as many assets as allowed by law
  • And much more

If you are interested in learning more about estate planning or want to get started on your plan for the future, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also call our main office in Northfield at (507) 786-9090 to schedule an appointment. If you live closer to our other offices in Kenyon and Wanamingo, we would be happy to meet you there!

One of our experienced estate planning lawyers will sit down with you and help you figure out what you want for your future. We have the experience to make sure that you and your family are safely protected.

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